Fist Fights and Foot Races

by ArtOfficial

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"Fist Fights and Foot Races" is a full length album that was originally released in Japan in 2008. It includes tracks from ArtOfficial's "Stranger" EP plus an additional 8 songs that were previously only available in Japan.


released December 22, 2010



all rights reserved


ArtOfficial Miami, Florida

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Track Name: Big City Bright Lights

Chorus (repeat x 2)
Big city bright lights ya the type for a dreamer
Every dark avenue has a life full of secrets
Get lost in the sequence or found in the reason
From the top of the buildings to the edge of the beaches
Big city bright lights (repeat x 4)
From the top of the buildings to the edge of the beaches
Every dark avenue has a life full of secrets

Logics (verse 1)
I’m from the land of the sun home of a million and one
Cultures that drum to different rhythms but we share the same tongue
I call it home some call it escape
When I roam I always retrace when left alone she misses my face
Holds the memories I thought I erased
Cause they’re embedded in the clouds they come down when it rains
Half way between the city and the country between a shade and a sun beam
Part timers and drug kings
All trying to hustle trying to put some heavy muscle
Behind everything aspiration every hope every dreams
Can’t let the city crush you everyone will try to touch you
When you flip your situation and nonbelievers believe
Ya and non believers believe
Ya and non believers believe
Can’t let the city crush you everyone will try to touch you
When you flip your situation and nonbelievers believe


Newsense (verse 2)
And I’m in tune with it the city’s heart beats slow
I can feel it cause the streets got a concrete pulse
Watch my feet grow roots I stand so solidly
Buildings keep growing like time-lapsed photography
Scrape the sky scratch Heavens belly
Come to the city of God and catch seven deadly
Sins its like chaos with electric heat
And dead at night the city lights give me restless sleep
Pardon me its hard to be
Within arms reach of where you really think you ought to be
Trying to be at the top part of me wants to stop
Curiosity killed the cat ignorance ate him alive
So I’m going to keep wondering why till the day that I die
But I’m staying alive that’s my echo in these city walls
Ringing forever or at least until these buildings fall


Logics (verse 3)
Cuban princess Mr. Business
Mrs. gets rich quick on lottery tickets
Those out kicking those out copping
Those living under bridges smoking rocks and
Non stopping pop locking
Corporate kiss ass on the search for stock options
Ravers clubbers hip-hop lovers
Forced underground cause we ain’t trendy this summer
Runners readers leaders believers
Teachers yelling out freedom for seekers
City made of secrets walls made of silence
Sun comes down traffic starts piling

Track Name: Skunk Ape

Its automatic we slaughter characters with the narrative
You spit a novel I kick more knowledge in just one paragraph
For the ignorant ones who don’t know they better ask whose
Rhymes don’t flow but glide like pterodactyls
Catch me 5 days a week singing my tunes
On the weekends in between dreams licking my wounds
Catch me 5 days a week singing my tunes
On the weekends in between dreams licking my wounds

Newsense (verse 1)
Alright here go my problems I’m a spit them at random
So they can be memorized worldwide like national anthems
But I want ya’ll to keep one thing in mind before you chant them
Life is full of multiple choices just like a Scranton
Find yourself don’t forget to seek purpose
Keep searching no matter what happens just be certain
That the struggle don’t drown you hold your breath till your reach surface
If the troubles astound you don’t forget their with each person
Cause and effect point blank we are all sharing them
There’s no excuse it’s useless to start comparing them
Pass impossible obstacles with my thoughts full of common goals
My panoramic view makes my problems small as molecule
While you were still wondering and didn’t quite understand
They took your chance and now another man has the upper hand
Tomorrow’s not promised that’s one thing we need to admit
Exist to seize the day till the day you cease to exist


Logics (verse 2)
I handle my foes sick with a cannibal flow
I drop hot originals you got mechanical soul
Bullet riddle your skull and leave thoughts on your clothes
Now that’s a fashion statement for those who try to oppose
Sucka letting them know I ain’t repping a coast
Universal like disease that’s why my enemies fold
Like monopoly boards crowd is probably bored
When you fuck with the best I leave your whole body sore
Of course it’s raw stomping down your corridor
From corner stores to coroners I bring the force
Strong within the Jedi all with in the head I
Manipulate these letters like big money investors
All do with politicians spitting ammunition
Yo this world’s a contradiction like religious terrorism
Live within the system live without the system
Pretend like I’m conditioned but didn’t give up the mission what

Track Name: Eyes Of A Stranger

Chorus (repeat x 2)
And I bet that I would make a lot of changes
If I could see myself through the eyes of a stranger
Time slows down moves slower than a glacier
With every imperfection that’s embedded in my nature

Logics (verse 1)
Well the more that things change well the more they stay they same
Got a thousand ways to talk and a million things to say
While I formulate the phrase let it travel in wave
Only one thought that keeps circling the brain
Are you listening while I work my words into positioning
Of all predicaments I’m still working on my conditioning
The stress rests on my shoulders makes me feel older
Accomplishing everything that you hope for
Walking the path between cash always hustling over
Moving fast makes your heart grow colder
Wintertime in the mind but I keep the summer shine in appearance
Grew wings from the spine got denied for the clearance
Stay down to earth sharing time with the spirits
I could pick a host and then mirror the image
But I’m into making a difference into making it different
Self appointed the mission 'til I’m lit for ignition

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Newsense (verse 2)
I find the essences I climb the fences
To backyards like track stars through exits
But Lord it’s been getting so hard
I’ll be waiting for the day when it breaks through the dark
And so far I’ve been getting so far
I’ll be waiting for the train when it breaks through the smog
Fire burns strong
Embers turn to fireflies to shooting stars
I close my eyes and watch it all transcending
Swallow Hell take a breath and spit Heaven
Past the atmosphere in deep concentration
Swallow stars by the mouth full spit constellations
Sit in the dark with mischievous thoughts
Then I put them on paper till I pick them apart
Put them back together feel a sting in my heart
Then I relax get better so I can finish the song

Chorus (repeat x 2)
Track Name: Too Nasty

Chorus (repeat x 2)
Stop listen that’s how we get down
On mission we cant stop now
All in it ready and locked down
That’s how we do what we do when we do

Newsense just hold it steady I’m a hold it in place
While I burn this verse to the ground and block the fire escapes
We too nasty (repeat x 2)
Yo Afterogics hold it steady I’m a hold it right here
While I make these amateur rappers reconsider careers
We too nasty (repeat x 2)

Newsense (verse 1)
Its so sporadic feel the force like a catapult
When I release the illness no use in taking the antidote
I succeed cause I manage to break your defense and damage you
Stupid challenging me’s like free falling without a parachute
Times I go hysterical chemically imbalanced
Till the point where I cant stand it there I let out the savage
Reek havoc sweep madness wherever my feet planted
Each average weak rapper ends up with they teeth shattered
Yes its so incredible rebels with chrome pedals
Get run over if you’re skeptical knocking them off their pedestals
The lone sentinel growing into a threat to you
I’m not a GQ centerfold let a lone photogenic fool
My fellow gentlemen all got exoskeletons
Armed like ghetto residents charm with mellow elegance
My gentle eminence calms the several elements
Spawn with esotericness rob you of your relatives

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Logics (verse 2)
Yo I scatter the pattern of average rappers with half a flow
And casually counteract it like antidotes
Get the crowd airborne like its shrapnel
With lateral movements when I’m moving with Newsense
Infallible smooth shit
Get battered and bruised quick with hits from the two sticks
Drums roll like the bullets flying out of an uz-clip
No soul ya’ll got room for improvement
Pack shows to the point people cant move to the music
So leave your thoughts at home celebrate the night is long
Alleviate your mind from the stress your day is based upon
We gonna chip away at the night ‘til we break the dawn
We gonna keep spitting on breaks so long as the race is on
From the strong to the will of the weak
Through the voice of the people we speak
From the streets and the corners to the burbs where the grasses is green
Universal like the urges to breath so dream on it goes

Chorus (repeat x 2)
Track Name: Gone

Chorus (repeat x 2)
Sit back drift back yo you with that?
I’m with that hits that split your wig back
Mix match words down on this ink pad
Spit that hit the booth and I’m gone

Newsense (verse 1)
I wake early morning the death of my dreams
Take a breath and it seems
That life is more than just that which reflects in the stream
I crush the superficial with the crucial issues
Sometimes my daily routine feels like a Voodoo ritual
The truth will hit you hard enough to rip through your tissue
Leave a mark like a bullet wound from a pistol
Fist fights and foot races lets keep it simple
I live in a glass house a stones throw away from a sad town
Of residents who look for the slightest excuse to bad-mouth
Lash out blow things out of proportion
I look at the glass my image is reflected distorted
They tell me I’m a dreamer that I think slightly different
I tell them I haven’t slept since ‘97
Stay up all night legs folded arms crossed
At all costs I want to know Gods thoughts

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Logics (verse 2)
I’m a visionary by nature so when I close my eyes I wake up
I see the world on fire hell storm lighting the blaze up
Living the days of apathy so when we raise up
We’ll be too late to reverse the tables we ate from
We take from like somebody always gonna replace them
'Til we fighting these water wars to keep from dehydration
Leaders yelling occupation and catch phrases
As a sedation tactical separation
You a terrorist or patriot and what’s the difference?
Political affiliation? Or your religion?
Are you following your instincts or television?
Who you think is holding the interest to all those picture
That they show on the tube just to keep us amused
Got your wallet singing songs of that overtime blues
Kids worshipping celebrities we say they confused
Get rich or die trying and the body counts huge

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Logics (verse 3)
What’s going on? The more and more I try to understand it
Its like I lose myself in the language they take advantage
To keep the people in panic I guess
It just a form of deception to see how far we can stretch
All the rights we posses right down to they tracking your steps
And tracking your breath and tracking who you’re holding your debts with
Ask the wrong question and end up with a death wish
For every ones acceptance like a stolen election

Newsense (verse 3)
I’m rhythmically riveted you’re living with limited options
The beat raped the chorus I’m the illegitimate offspring
Spit syllable top spins with minimal consciousness
Flip scripts with swiftness and ridicule artists
Hypnotists swing pendulums spiting typical nonsense
My continuous wisdom is an indispensable offset
You’re lyrically impotent bringing your primitive arson
Ripping your mandible hit with cataclysmical offense
Track Name: Clockwork
Chorus (repeat x 3)
My time is running out the clock wont stop (repeat x 2)
My time is running out (repeat x 2)

Logics (verse 1)
Uh running on the edge of a razor where
Nature will take us it’s all in unchanging race
Say grace before rhythm escapes us
Got a feeling in my heart ain’t nothing now that could save us
Still I hold hope like the breath in my lungs
And let it out with a roll of the tongue
When it’s said and it’s done
Did you brave it or you stayed on the run?
Trying to outrun your shadow by ignoring the sun huh?
But it still there in the morning waiting for a rainy day
Well the storm is approaching
Four horse men got the world in a corner
Call corporate headquarters tell them all that it’s over
No more blood in the pipes depleted the lines of life
When times get tight ain't an order that can stop the fight
And we can stop the flight or let it go down burning in a burst of light ayo

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Newsense (verse 2)
Sit back and listen impact the system
Don’t let the system kidnap your children
It’s a blackout but I got my candles
See the city lights go dim in the background
I cant tell if the sky is falling or the ground is rising
But I’m tired of walking so I found a hiding
Spot in the distance lit me some incense
And it feels so good when the rhythm kicks back in
My passion dictates my actions
Last man standing still take my chances
Blast at random escape from handcuffs
Feels so good when the rhythm kicks back in
My passion dictates my actions
Last man standing still take my chances
Blast at random escape from handcuffs

Chorus (repeat x 2)
Track Name: Bottle Of Hope

If I could then I would but I cant so I wont
Cause I got better things to do with this bottle of hope
If I could sing I would sing but I cant hit a note
I’m a rearrange these words and give you something to quote
If I could then I would but I cant so I wont
I got better things to do with this bottle of hope
If I could fly I would fly but I cant stay afloat
Above the clouds so for now I play it cool on the ground.

Logics (verse 1)
If everything I see is in the place that its suppose to be
I got something to say to everybody who’s so close to me
What if hope is lost? Would you still hold on to your rosary?
Maybe all is coming to an end
We used to play bows and arrows now its all smoking barrels
And dirty cops that will put your face on the front of the herald
Or the New York Times fifty shots fly by
Pack you up and ship you out and you get back in a pine
Box six feet under rocks take a look at your watch
Time flies like them helicopters over them blocks
Yo this new world's ordered like some domino stacks
All it takes is one push to watch the whole thing collapse
And so we push to the limits and yes push to the finish
Unless they’re pushing bullets into stopping my breath
At which point I'd resurrect as a wind from the west
Crush the whole house of cards to kill the kings in the deck


Logics (verse 2)
I play it cool on the ground cool as the sounds of soul
When the sun comes down and the breezes blow
Some got dreams and hopes some got schemes to blow up
Selling blow to grown ups
Yo it’s the nature of the beast to leave your soul stuck
So is the nature of man to take it and run?
Living by the barrel of a gun trying to aim at the sun
Then you wonder why we’re losing the fight
Moving against the light

Newsense (verse 2)
Its been twenty four years and I'm just now recognizing
There’s no way I can avoid it my life is an assignment
To constantly move forward and never back peddle
Spread my words across the globe like grenades do scrap metal
Wait these accusations are killing me
We didn’t kidnap your kids they actually came willingly
Life ya life is a lucid dream
And I’m a play my part like a movie scene


Newsense (verse 3)
We broadcast live in Technicolor cue the canned applause
And you can sing the songs if you can stand the noise
One thing I think I should confess to its
I keep hope bottled up and faith in jar next to it
I’m painting this picture
While everything around me is changing directions
My life is stranger than fiction
I got this government grant studying the science of sleep
But at night when I lay down I die in my dreams
I’m trying to keep this dark secret well hidden
But I fell victim now it’s hotter than Hell’s Kitchen
I can still cope with the dangers I’m facing
Cause I can find hope in the strangest of places
Find me in a basement making my spaceship
Little help from my friends and a whole lot of patience
And no I’m not trying to reach the stars
I’m screaming fuck the world and getting further from y’all

Track Name: Remember The Days

Logics (verse 1)
Aw man how we complicated our living
Used to love the school skipping now I’m out of town on business
Skipping lunch on missions high school misfit
Running that lip shit will catch a battle in an instant
Now they clutch a piston shift your disposition
Fam in a funeral home listing your wishes
Life can get all in your ass when unassisted
Peace to the enlisted that held me down when I’m lifted
Helped me up when I’m sinking
Fuck those who faked the funk your battleships sunk and drifting
Thinking that freeze frame of life when those feeling where right
Used to sneak through the streets like a thief in the night
Fucking with them beats and them mics
Living life with a dream and dime
Now the time fades away stuck between the work and the play
Today I live twice in a day five light years away and say

Chorus (repeat x 2)
Remember the days
Ain't no work we spent it all on the play
Now it all fades away
Now it all fades away

Newsense (verse 2)
I’m never really threatened when MCs stand and deliver
Cause my worthiest opponent is the man in the mirror
Throw a punch line end up with the broken fist
The vocalist who’s only focus is to teach them how to coexist
I’ll bust your veteran cause it’s evident
Your hesitance gets crushed with a rush of adrenaline
Announce the victor and afterwards count the victims
Newsense the Demigod cast off from Mount Olympus
Conspiring a mutiny trying to knock off the rulers
Spitting more lighting than Zeus does and getting stoned with Medusa
After banishment and making my way out the Labyrinth
I caused a verbal avalanche just to watch the rappers scattering
You cant run even all of the masses gathering still don’t have the advantage
In getting past this establishment save the embarrassment
Don’t consider this arrogance
Just the unravelment of all the questions I hadn’t answered yet

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Logics (verse 3)
A yo just kick a beat I’m a rip it right here
ArtOfficial is official taking over this year
Work the crowd into a frenzy get them outta there chairs
Drowning in the mainstream? Here’s a breath of fresh air
That’s how we handle our business
We emerged out of the mist now we’re shifting positions
Put that shift into your disk when you listen to this shit
Put the vibe in the air like a spiritual mystic
Fuck a living statistic we broke the restrictions
Made it out the school system just to sharpen our instincts
Now we hold a mic up try to make a life of
Beats rhymes and rhythms all living within my cipher
Idolizing the writers ‘til I became one
Actualizing the flow to let you all know where I came from
Small world big dreams living on a pay stub
Running ‘round this world all at the pace of a bass drum

Chorus (repeat x 2)
Track Name: Rewind

Chorus (repeat x 2)
And ya you don’t dare stop (stop)
Working ‘round the clock (clock)
Mr. Selector give me one more gun shot (ohh)
Either jump or run when I think about the things I’ve done

Newsense (verse 1)
Find a rhyme that you can have for less
Most customers can’t pass the test
Type of flavor where you can’t forget the aftertaste
I bust long like tantric sex
You’re probably not listening if it seems wrong
Newsense my friends call my guillotine jaw
Call me what you want I’m a ask you what you need
My skins been getting so thick its kind of tough to bleed
My style of rhyming is not short of dominant
Spin ciphers to quick y’all might start vomiting
Your incompetence is simply the consequence of no common sense
Think you’re stronger than all the rest my accapella stomp your chest
Incredible raps blast shells that you craft fast
Think you’re better than that catch a skeletal crack
Spit hellava track that tremble your back
I’m head of the class trash all of your raps cause

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Logics (verse 2)

I’m a lone traveling solider bone smothering flows come from my microphone
Make home something you hope of
Lost in the edit your merits get offesetted by the unfretted phonetics that’s
Sharp as a shogun leaving them frozen
The chosen one with the golden lungs
Heart of ice that’s kept cold by place I’m from
Another face unphased by the pace of the drums
Live fast die fast breaking all of the rungs
On my way up the ladder shatter the pattern of
Naysayers and players conveyer belts rapper thugs
ArtOffical takes no issue tryna catch that bus
Rock the show and try to pack that up
Keep it moving never backtrack what
Make that cash cause life can get up in your ass when that tax act up
I said rock the show and try to pack that up
Keeping it moving never backtrack what
Like pass pass puff
Track Name: Word Bending

This ain’t rapping WHAT? Its word bending OH
Lyrical acupuncture for your nerve endings
Ya’ll ain’t rhyming NAW ya’ll just pretending YA
You can’t fathom the way that we twist a sentence

Newsense (verse 1)
This ain’t rapping its word bending
Lyrical acupuncture for your nerve endings
Newsense the Demigod gruesome at any cost
There’s a crisis these rhymes are priceless they cant be bought
Black ink runs through my veins so I writes to live
Fuck around and BLAM strip you of your rights to live
Consider this swift and deliberate I get rid of it
The rhythm will riddle your system with increments of significance
Sing if you can’t rhyme scream if you can’t yell it
While you sit and write rhymes I sit at home and write epics
Caution you might get nauseous don’t throw up
Quite often I get off topic but fuck it SO WHAT
Keep insinuating that you’ve got invigorating raps
But Incriminating acts only give my an exhilarating blast
I much rather keep my job as a word contortionist
Your life goes nowhere like the oldest kid at an orphanage

Chorus (repeat x 2)

Logics (verse 2)
Words under my jurisdiction you’re sure to listen
The purest vision of dopeness a euphemism describing my sonic mysticism
Shatter your silly suggestive cynicism
Opinions get split into pieces passing my mental prism
Red for antagonism yellow for cowardice
green for the jealousy and black for all the passionless
Immature amateurs sinister saboteurs
Meaningless matador got bullshit on your sole trying to dodge the horn
Fuck your scorn use my time to be progressive
Reality’s all perception take a view from my direction
Humble yourself for a second I’m more than competition
Listen or perceiving me from the ground horizontal position
This ain’t a game this is more than running my mouthpiece
Start expanding the outreach battle god for his house keys
Stretch my words across the globe like lines of longitude
If you can dig it close your eyes and let your mind consume

This ain’t rapping
This is word bending
This ain’t rapping
This is word bending

Chorus (repeat x 2)
Track Name: Architect

Newsense (verse 1)
I’m the architect of a hard to catch punch line
I blame cloud nine for trying to steal my sunshine
Unwind at lunchtime binge on food for thought
Results is regurgitated ideas and proof that the truth is lost
I search for it in the eyes of every stranger that passes me by
Search in my lovers face right after she’s been crying
I might catch a glimpse they might hold nothing
Drip gator tears I rock a crocodile smile we’re cold blooded
This we know for a fact everything falls apart
Adapt to circumstance like my eyes adjust to the dark
But then again I could live my life at a slow pace too not to speed it up
Hit the fast gears watch the clock catch up as I decombust
The truth lies where deception walks erect
Each step is in some way symbolic to a deep breath
Waiting to exhale has been making my chest frail for decades
Run the tracks till my lungs collapse and end up in a neck brace

Chorus (repeat x 2)
I want to know if we can see without eyes
I want to know if we can speak without lies
So I’m a open up my chest and you can touch me for a while
Let Heaven send Hell away and cut me with a smile

Newsense (verse 2)
This juggernaut stays constantly on the hunt
I do what y’all cannot fake crews get sabotaged
My entourage makes moves that’s nonchalant
Whether you Private or a General salute the Commandant
I sacrifice my songs to the Gods its disturbing the way I slaughter tracks
Making metronomes flat line giving young men heart attacks
We compare graffiti to things like hieroglyphic artifacts
Burning more trees than brush fires getting blitzed like quarterbacks
Doors collapse never conform to ignore the facts
Knowledge is truth we seek the realness living life at a pace that’s more than fast
Chronological order it’s kind of hostile but sort of
Stopping the clock on all the controversy that surrounds the borders
Front like you got the answers but in actuality
We analyze each others dreams and still can’t figure out reality
My beautiful minds got a more than horrible will
I think in haikus and got oratorical skills
When the Sun burns out all you need is just patience
Let me open my rhyme book shine some light on the situation
Straight out the pages brightest ideas illuminating
The night sky playing connect the thoughts to make constellations

Chorus (repeat x 2)